Discover How to Supercharge Your Shop & Accelerate Your Revenue to $1,000,000 — or MORE — Even if You’re Running on Fumes Today

Are you a one-man show that's tired of doing it all — sales, installs, customer service, dealing with reps, putting out fires, and just about everything else in your business? Are you someone who want to bring on an installer or two, but needs to generate more predictable business first? Or, are you an established shop that's facing stagnancy and been stuck at the same monthly revenue for months or even years? If either of those scenarios sound like you, then it's time you shift your business into a higher gear with the Lead Lab. A battle tested blueprint for running and scaling ads specifically designed for automotive restyling shops that offer PPF, Ceramic Coatings, Vinyl Wraps, & Tint. Created by a marketing company that has been helping auto restyling shops seriously scale for the past 8 years.

Market your shop like a pro without hiring a marketing company. Just use our easy to follow step-by-step training to create, run, and optimize your shop's ads. Whether you have currently have a marketing company helping you, or you have never run ads before we'll make sure you have EVERYTHING you need. In fact, we're going to give you the ad templates, landing pages, and follow up scripts that have taken countless shops over $100,000/month.


  • Learn How To Get Consistent Leads For Your Business On Auto-Pilot

  • Understand What Top Shops Are Doing To Turn A High Percentage Of Leads Into Customers

  • Connect With Others In the Industry Who Are Building The Type Of Business You Want To Have

  • Differentiate Yourself From Competitors In The Market So You Are Not Competing On Price

  • Get Your Questions Answered Around Hiring And Expanding As You Take The Next Steps In Your Business.

You can do this even if you're business has never ran ads, you don't have a social media following, and even if don't have a website. We'll help take you from start up, to stand out!

Josh & Jamie

But First, Who Are We Anyway?

Meet us...Josh and Jamie. We are the founders of Optemyz, a digital marketing collective that's helped countless automotive detailing, protection & restyling shops over the past 8 years grow to all time highs and become some of the biggest producers in their market, region and even the country.

We have mastered a recipe that has enabled us to consistently scale our clients to high 6 and 7 figures for the last 8 years. From brand new shops, to industry leading shops, we've helped them all! We know the space and we know what it takes for shop owners to hit life changing revenue that they never thought was possible. So if you are ready to learn from those that have helped countless shops, then reach out today.


Don't be at the mercy of others and hope to get a lucky gamble on a marketing company this time around, or hope that you've found some wiz kid from the internet that's going to change everything. Learn from people you know will understand your business and how to help you position it to grow. There are certain decisions in business that can dramatically change the direction of a business and this is one of those decisions. If you've ever felt discouraged and powerless then it's time you change that and take the wheel and determine what direction your business is going once and for all.


🛑 Feeling At The Mercy Of Marketing Companies

🛑 Worrying About What The Competition Is Doing

🛑 Thinking You Missed The Boat & It's Too Late

🛑 Worrying About The Economy

🛑 Hoping To Impress Your Family Or Friends

🛑 Feeling Overwhelmed About Getting Back To People

🛑 Stressing About Having Enough Work To Keep/Hire Installers

🛑 Wondering If There Is Not Enough Business In Your Market

🛑 Questioning If Your Saying The Right Thing




✅ Focusing On The Things That Matter

✅ Getting Asked By Others What've You've Been Doing To Grow So Fast

✅ Feeling Confident In Any Economy

✅ Acquiring Customers At A Predictable Rate

✅ Feeling Organized With Your Leads

✅ Feeling Confident With Hiring & Keeping Good Installers

✅ Feeling Confident That You Know Your Numbers

✅ Getting Processes In Place So You Can Hire More People

✅ Focusing On Growing Your business The Right Way

✅ Generating 6 Figures Per Month Consistently

✅ Start Spending More Time Doing More Of What You Enjoy Because Your Business Is Actually Running Without YOU!

Feeling Confident & Getting Recognized For Your True Value


This model has transformed many lives and it will yours too!

Shortcut your journey to success. Learn exactly what will make a significant difference in your business from a REAL marketing company that has made a significant difference for countless businesses. Our system is specifically designed for high end detailing shops (PPF, Coatings, Tint & Wraps).

Your shop is your business...the vessel to help others AND YOU get you to where you want to be. Whether that's buying a boat to take out when you want, opening a second shop, or taking care of your family, we are confident that with the right recipe you will hit milestones you never thought possible aka $25K, $50K, $75K, $100K, $200K+ Months.


Discover "Your Mechanism" For Success

Who You Are Matters & must be properly translated to your ideal customer...this part alone is worth its weight in GOLD & an absolutely necessary part of true success and uses to market and sell your services!

An Automated Lead Management & Nuture System

Minimize the number of leads you neglect! Qualify incoming leads, nurture existing leads, close deals, get reviews from customers & more! Oh & get a high converting landing page to use as well??

A Proven Ads System - Leads, Leads, Leads Is What You Need!

The Engine That Can & Will Produce A Steady Stream Of Leads - Facebook, Instagram & Google Working Together! And You Will Get our exact blue print - we eliminate the guesswork for you, just plug & Play!

Sales Scripts - Take The Guess Work Out Of Closing

What good are leads if you can't close them. Making a sale is more than just pitching your services and price. In order to close the deal or hire and train a sales person you have to have a sales process.

The Support You Need To Get You Where You Want To Go!

Starting and running a shop, or any business for that matter, is not easy. The right support/coaching is absolutely essential for growth. Professional athletes are still coached! Don't go at it alone, have the right people by your side! We've done this countless times, and offer a truly unique perspective for shops looking to scale.


Don't go at this alone. Join our community of shop owners and learn from others in the industry who are working towards similar goals.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Our Stuff Works

We know this can make a HUGE difference in your business because we've seen it make a huge difference in countless businesses. We've got the FORMULA and we're going to share it with you.

We can honestly say that deciding to work with Optemyz was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. Josh and his team have been consistently efficient, thorough, knowledgeable and responsive. All this AND super friendly. This kind of an investment can be scary and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous at first. But when the phone started ringing like *crazy*, seemingly instantly, my trepidation disappeared. And it’s been more and more of the same ever since. Their services have been worth every penny. These folk are the real deal and we can say from experience they are definitely not just blowing smoke!

Ana Youngash

Wrap Works

Optemyz is hands down the best marketing company I have ever worked with. I went through a few different companies and multiple different marketing strategies and nothing was working. I was almost convinced that marketing doesn't work until I found these guys. The strategies that they use really work and have helped me take my company to the next level. I own a business that is typically slow in the winter but because of their expertise we were able to have our biggest months ever.

Jon Duff

Immaculate Detail

Jamie and Josh are quality people that you can count on to help you grow your business. The level of integrity and honesty have surpassed my expectations and I will continue using them for as long as I have my business. They have helped automate my contact forms, created landing pages and dial in my Google ads to be able to get more leads and work at my shop. Since I started with their program, I’ve seen 50+ more quality leads besides the ones I get organically. They also offer SEO services and are excellent at what they do. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Jose Najera

JB Mobile Detailing

We Love Helping Businesses

Take The Next Step & Get Started Now!

We've developed a simple system that anyone can follow and that delivers results that everyone will love. A system that puts together the most needed and effective marketing components and gives them to you on a silver platter.

And these aren't one-off how-to youtube videos that teach you one component and leave you hanging on how to string them all together. These are comprehensive trainings from a company that puts them into action every day for businesses just like yours.

Plus we'll hold your hand and be there every step of the way until you get it right. With weekly supports calls, lifetime access to the training (even when we update it), and a support group to help answer any of your day-to-day questions.

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